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tv   [untitled]    July 30, 2011 7:30pm-8:00pm PDT

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years ago, a radio station was founded in san francisco. kalw. i have been a dj at many stations. also at uc-davis, so i am proud when we can be supportive of community and public radio. i think supervisor mirkarimi, -- thank supervisor mirkarimi and others for taking a stand with me. i am urging us to have a resolution for kalw on this anniversary. it was the first educational station in the u.s., and supervisor campos knows that it is operated by our school district and has tremendous educational programming. also,
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they have been a pioneer and public broadcasting. they support the educational mission of the san francisco unified school district and creating opportunities for student learning. i am urging the board to declare -- and i would like to let the clerk no that this resolution should come back at our meeting on september 6th after we come back from recess. >> i wanted to take the time to say a few words about -- when i learned about his passing, it was very shocking and i think that everything has been said it terms of what he
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brought to his work. from my own experience in this line of work, you get to know a number of individuals and a number of issues and when it came to issues involving tenants and the rights of tenants, you are not going to find someone more thoughtful, more knowledgeable or insightful about the issue of the rights of tenants and the concerns of the tenants then -- what is remarkable about him is the very quiet and yet the very affective way in which he advocated. his loss is a huge loss for tenants in san francisco. also tenants in immigrant
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communities have lost one of the most effective advocates they have ever had. this is a tragic loss and i just want to say that he was a really remarkable individual and he will be dearly missed by the entire san francisco community. i would like to join supervisor mar's comments. this is a very important institution. they have played a very important role not only with respect to education and also informing the entire city and county of san francisco on so many different issues. >> thank you, supervisors. >> i would like to echo the comments that were made about -- he is someone who helped to educate me and i think many of
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us on tenants issues and really helped to insure that the san franciscans who are being threatened can continue to live here. >> i was going to make this a request. i think that you said it quite eloquently. >> mr. president, that includes roll-call for introductions. >> why don't we go to general public comment. >> the next item is 74 the public to address the board for up to two minutes.
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>> for speaker, please. >> [speaking foreign language]
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[speaking foreign language] . president of the board, my name is -- today, i have the newspaper to show you that the -- can show you the picture of our president barack obama and gavin new some -- and gavin newsom. in the meantime, i would like my paper. the supervisor said he knows the name and telephone for the guy
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from japan. i don't know what he did all week but i would like to thank carmen chu because i hear that she worked very hard to help us. i hope you understand that you need my support and to allow us to bring the american -- we give them a hope and a smile.
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more money can help my city. we can work out our debt. everything they can make the money for that issue. ladies and gentlemen, -- >> next speaker, please. >> i have been trying to get help from you. i have have evidence of a hate crime done against me. i don't know what law enforcement or person i can go to because i have been targeted. i have been run over by a car illegally, i three holes in my head. -- i have three holes in my
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head. it was a criminal negligence i was illegally put in 73 times weekly and regularly. my campaign to sabotage. i have many wonderful and brilliant changes for the city and i am an educator. i am a pioneer with wonderful ideas that want to bring before the people but i cannot do it when i don't even have a roof over my head. when you have 17 years of college and a genius iq, you should not have to live like a refugee. in san francisco, anything goes. i have done no harm. i have no prioress, i have nothing except people sabotaging me and gathering together like dogs coming after me and it is time that these dogs were put in
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jail. we should have not a separate whole segment of the society. all other segment will be sabotaged and sabotage and sabotaged again. you have given $550 million -- >> good afternoon, supervisors. do not accept money from the friends and foundation. it should be that the violations of all of the assets are independent. influence peddling, graf, waste,
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corruption harms the entire society. the supreme court justice said that sunlight is said to be the best disinfectant. the problem is true today as it was then. how is it possible to protect the democracy? the violations come the diversion of private money to influence peddling, and the diversion of funds depends on each other. what we have seen is that the public gets a minuscule fraction of what was promised because money buys freedom from accountability. the public-private partnership was responsible for so many disasters in our public library have no agreement that has been exposed to scrutiny.
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they are allowed to sell the naming rights to scores of city properties with no consideration whether the benefit of the public is even equal to the cost of public resources. can you imagine the licensee in and naming rights in any other institution on the basis that some unknown some might be given to the public? what you call a person that calls -- has no feeling for anyone and has no respect for society as a whole? the answer is philanthropist. the private philanthropy buys influence for pennies. the allies cost more than money. lost allies cost more than the money. -- the livees cost more money than
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time. >> jesus was the best speaker that ever was. he would have argued his way of the crucifixion. that is how good he was. there was a prophecy said that he would open -- mouth. it said that they marveled. it is really pontus pilot who was on trial. the most are for argument he gave when he resurrected was the argument that i will read you hear in luke 24. he said, these are the words which i speak to you while i was yet with you, that all things must be fulfilled which were written in the law of moses and in the profits and in the psalms concerning me. they might understand the scriptures. he said, it is written and it
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behind crus -- christ to suffer. two times, verses 44 and 46. it uses what it to the fact that there was prophecies. they were written down. we're talking 1500 years before hand. beyond his prophecy they had was 400 years old and jesus pointed to these prophecies. it is a great mystery. they're not stupid, they're blind. this is the same way with the gentiles. i'm a gentile, most of us are gentiles. we were never given the scriptures. the jews were given the scriptures. this was a very powerful argument.
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>> thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon, congratulations to the old space shuttle. [singing] 0, child things will get easier things will be budget brighter. some day, we will walk in the days of the city son. someday, we will rise in the city and son. sunday, when the budget is brighter. some day, we will have lots of fun.
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we will be number one some day, we will have a great city it will be better, just you wait and see that things will be easier. things will be brighter someday, it will get it to the budget together. the mayor will sign it today and he did it right today right now the act, he signed it today we are going to get it together
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>> next speaker. >> i work for a congressman jackie spears. i wanted to express the congressman's interest in working with you on issues that are important to the city, especially if there is anything with a federal component. let us know. we have had some successful partnerships in the past few months. the congressman would like to continue that dynamic. thank you. >> good evening, supervisors.
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we would like to put on a picnic. we have had problems getting it done in south park. this is part of the people that live down there and south park. we would like to -- that will not be hassled with the parking down there or hassled by the police officers down there. we tried to go by the rules and regulations that were submitted. as a matter of fact, this is not the first time we have been having problems down there. from last year and compared to this year, the price that we have to pay is out rages.
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most of the people have been born and raised here. we have federal government workers and law enforcement workers who have anticipated. this is the 30-year anniversary that has been going on. we have been going on since i was a child from 1967. during that time, we raised funds. we want to try to make the point so that we can be here today. thank you. >> hello. as mr. walker said, i am a senior former resident of south park community.
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that is something that we have. this is a picture of the old south park. these are pictures -- these are our ancestors. i have raised the kids, i have grandkids. this is my mother. this is where the other ladies. all of these ladies have served different positions in san francisco. all of these people are gone. we get together every year, the first saturday and every month to have this picnic with family and friends.
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we have issues because the city. one year we pay $65. we need a park ranger, we need two bodies, all of this stuff. we don't have any of this money. we just get together with family and friends, we share pictures, and everything. that is what we do. we have been doing this for 30 years. actually, we have been doing this for 45 years. what i would like to say is that i would like to invite the supervisors to our function to cc -- just to see how we do it. [applause] >> i am a gay activist.
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i am here to talk about the public property at harvey milk plaza. this property is controlled illegitimately by the merchants of upper market. i approached them to honor game marriages. they have refused to work with activist. there is a lot of disappointment in the gay community from coast to coast because -- refuses to
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cooperate with people on making the flagpoles, the rainbow flag, and occasionally flying a new york state flag. they are not cooperating with us. and all but it is ok the public property has been handed to an organization. we are talking about harvey milk plaza. i assured that that symbolism around the world is a beacon of hope, a peaking of tolerance for gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transgendered people. right now, because of --, nothing happened in the castro in solidarity with new york this weekend. shame.
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>> i have come to appeal to this body to get your people off of my back. they have been trying to incriminate me and criminalize me.
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my family has been under assault from my family has been under a major assault. i have a granddaughter to has been piqued, abused, neglected, terrorized. because of your people's decision that this person should be at the place that they were. this has been going on for two years. recently, they had to take that kid out of that house because of what was happening. i have been trying to relate to the people for the last three years. since it was me, it was overlooked.
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this is another situation that in the court room, in the courthouse, a person was yelling violently to the top of their lungs in a ruthless manner, this is worse than the way it was at that meeting. of a sudden, the >> thank you very much. >> could evening. i have spoken many times here in the past. i will address three issues very
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quickly. supervisor wiener brought about the federal courthouse in san francisco. the city has been renting them off for 40 years and as one reason why the 49ers are leaving. the middle class no longer lives in san francisco. that is reason why the forty- niners are leaving. over the years, i have used the a fiction defense initiative. -- the fiction defense initiative. they helped me on a dispute, on a piece of property where they were doing the best of the abatement with no guidelines. the city has only one error
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controller. this will stand on campaign financing, running for the mayor, and other city officers. as an employee of the city and county of san francisco. i think that has to come to an end. either resign your position or run for mayor. we are financing you on the public payroll to become the mayor we're getting a salary and pension with no risks whatsoever. this has to come to an end. i think you for your time. >> my name is nancy and i am asking for for an agenda of out
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auden's and a situation about the local homeless coordinating board. we have been reading about the people from the state prisons coming to san francisco and needing housing. of course, they are in meeting housing before that. then we hear about the veterans coming back. how will that affect the health and longevity and the burden on the health department and social services in other regards? we find the situation of the number one cause for the premature death of males is smoking. we find to